The OLu Missions Program

Core Concepts

  1. Mission Statement/Purpose: To help students internalize the gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus.
  2. Vision: To train global believers that will represent Jesus Christ wherever He calls them.
  3. Values:
    • To explicitly focus on growth in Christ in everything that we do.
    • To build a community of believers that trust, respect, and honor each other.

Our Philosophy of Missions

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  • Our Vision Explained

    Some mission organizations talk as if the sole purpose of mission is to serve others and share Christ with them. Other organizations talk as if missions is simply for the training and growth of those going. The OLU Mission Program is focused on both. We see mission opportunities as wonderfully unique ways for our students to encounter Christ and his way of living, and we are amazed as our students continually return from trips and serve days explaining that their lives have been changed as a result of their experience. We are very intentional to not only train our students in ministry, but we also include (in all of our mission opportunities) Bible studies, prayer, and many conversations about God’s work in our lives.

    However, serving on mission is not simply for those that go. Not hardly. We go expecting God to use us to actually make a difference in the lives of others. To be sure, we aren’t going to transform a community by building a house and having a few spiritual conversations over the course of a weekend (unless God decides to do something crazy!), but we desire to impact others for Christ and inspire them to continue in God’s work. With this in mind, our focus in our efforts to serve others is twofold: encouraging others (believers and nonbelievers alike) with the hope of Christ and empowering them with the resources and training to find God’s calling on their life and live it out. It is very important for us that we not simply give “hand-outs” to those we minister to. Instead, research has shown that it is far more beneficial to give a “hand up” and help others stand on their own. Through this approach we can avoid unnecessary dependence and foster an attitude of responsibility and independence in those with whom we work.

    Lastly, we are more than aware that we do not engage in mission work knowing all the answers. We rely heavily on local ministries and churches in the areas that we serve. Clearly, the local people, particularly local Christians, know how to minister best to their own people, so our goal is to partner with existing ministries and support them in their on-going work. Similarly, on a deeper level, we understand that God’s work in a given location is advancing well before we arrive and will continue well after we are gone. We are simply a link in a very long chain of His work. Beyond this, we understand that our culture and our ways of understanding and living out the Christian life are far from perfect. Other cultures and Christian communities around the world have much to teach us. More often than not we feel that we learn more about God and the Christian life from those we serve than they learn from us. In any case, mutual blessings abound in God’s economy, and we love being a part of blessing others and feeling blessed at the same time.
  • The Ministry

    At Orange Lutheran, we believe that hearts are touched and lives are changed on Mission trips. Our thriving Missions Program includes three classes, on campus ministries, local outreach, and hundreds of students, faculty, and parent volunteers who faithfully travel across the globe serving others and sharing God’s love and the saving grace message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Since its inception in 2000, over 4,800 participants have served over 325,000 hours on 39 international and 28 domestic mission trips in over 16 countries on six continents. Orange Lutheran students regularly serve in many meaningful ways including construction projects, disaster relief, elderly care, children’s clinics, tutoring, Bible studies, and evangelism. These experiences provide them with opportunities to learn techniques for most effectively working across cultural, religious, and national boundaries. Mission trips also foster positive mental health and well-being and increase compassion, empathy, and caring as our students serve others. In the process of being used by God to touch hearts throughout the world, our students’ lives continue to be profoundly impacted.
  • Conclusion

    We have seen God do amazing work in and through our students by way of their involvement in the Mission program. We believe this is due to students being exposed to God’s ministry here and abroad. There is nothing magical about mission activities; they are one way the work of God becomes evident in our lives. When we are participants in God’s action, our lives are changed. This can occur when we are put in situations where we are “forced” to see the people and cultures of the world differently. The Lutheran High School Mission program strives to provide opportunities for this to happen.

    Our program is multi-faceted with many different options for student involvement. We intentionally offer options with varying levels of commitment because we want to give all students the opportunity to serve in some capacity. Furthermore, there are no prerequisites for any Mission trip or event. We understand each aspect of our program to be a beneficial and worthwhile service pursuit, regardless of whether students are going on a trip, enrolled in the Mission class, or simply recycling bottles and cans after school. Finally, we also encourage parent, family and alumni involvement on any of our trips, on our local outreach partnership events, or volunteering their expertise in any way to support our program (e.g. financial/accounting, construction, networking, etc).

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Who We Are

Founded in 1973, Orange Lutheran High School, is a comprehensive private Christian co-educational college preparatory high school, grades 9-12, that exists to help students internalize the gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus. The culture and climate of Orange Lutheran is based on caring relationships that strengthen our community as a Lancer Family. High standards of excellence coupled with a warm, energetic atmosphere create a safe, nurturing environment where students can thrive, as they discover and develop their unique gifts, talents, and passions.