Special Programs & Services (DSPS)

The Department of Special Programs & Services (DSPS) at Orange Lutheran High School is designed to meet the unique educational needs of our diverse student body. This Program serves the needs of students with a variety of educational disabilities.

In order to best serve our students, we require current educational/psychological assessments. Identification of needs will be based on an educational psychological evaluation. These evaluations must be current within three years and are required for initial and continued enrollment in the program. Recommendations from the evaluations, past educational information, placement exams, and input from the student, parents, and the teachers will be used to determine appropriate course placement and guidance for post-secondary options.

DSPS Important Dates

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Program Levels

Orange Lutheran's DSPS Program meets the needs of students with learning disabilities and other special instructional requirements, fostering academic growth through reasonable accommodations in curriculum and classroom expectations. Courses in the DSPS Program help students reach their graduation goals through accommodations in reading level, research expectations, and note-taking requirements. The program is equipped to support a limited number of students and is divided into two levels of academic support for optimal individualized support:

Level One - Comprehensive Support Services *
  • For a student who has an identified disability that requires additional support outside of the regular classroom setting, in an environment with a reduced teacher/student ratio. Classes include Comprehensive Support Lab, DSPS English or DSPS Social Studies.
Level Two - Student Support Services *
  • This level of support is for a student who has an identified disability that can be supported within the regular classroom environment through limited/reasonable accommodations. These students are not enrolled in a Resource Lab or any English RSP or Social Studies RSP class. Contact the financial office regarding the fee assigned to Level 2 support.

*Additional program fees apply*

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  • English DSPS and Social Studies DSPS Courses

    These classes are designed to meet the specific needs of students with disabilities and satisfy Orange Lutheran High School’s graduation requirements. These courses correlate directly with the curriculum that is used in the regular classroom but utilize modifications and accommodations as are appropriate for DSPS students. Teachers who are experts in their respective fields of English and Social Studies teach these DSPS classes. Collaboratively, regular education teachers and DSPS instructors design specific strategies and teaching techniques that enable students to academically thrive.
  • DSPS Lab Courses

    Our Lab classes are yearlong courses designed for students in grades 9-12 who are in need of educational support for the regular course curriculum. Students will build study skills, extend time on tests, complete a daily assignment book, follow their grades on LancerLink, break down lengthy assignments into manageable chunks, and receive overall assistance with homework as is necessary. Additionally, students in the program are encouraged to advocate for themselves and recognize their learning style.

    Reasonable accommodations are made within the curriculum, as well as in classroom expectations, that promote academic growth and foster student success.

Reasonable Accommodations

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  • Tests/Quizzes

    • Extra time extended to Lab
    • Oral testing extended to Lab
    • Check for understanding of directions
    • Supply word bank for fill-in-the-blank
    • Study guides prior to test/quiz
    • Provide course calendar or test dates
  • Materials/Books/Equipment

    • Using the assignment book
    • Record lectures
    • Calculator use on tests/assignments
    • Typing homework assignments
    • Using a laptop for notetaking
    • Kurzweil (computer-based text reading)
  • Instructional Strategies

    • Preferential seating
    • Provide peer notetaker or teacher notes
    • Assign positive role model for group work
    • Offer a model of a project or assignment
    • Graphic organizers
    • Maintain an assignment book
    • Assignment board kept current (reference)

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Founded in 1973, Orange Lutheran High School, is a comprehensive private Christian co-educational college preparatory high school, grades 9-12, that exists to help students internalize the gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus. The culture and climate of Orange Lutheran is based on caring relationships that strengthen our community as a Lancer Family. High standards of excellence coupled with a warm, energetic atmosphere create a safe, nurturing environment where students can thrive, as they discover and develop their unique gifts, talents, and passions.