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Service Requirements

The Christian life includes acts of love and service to others.  Students will be provided opportunities to serve other people.

LHSOC Expectations:

  1. Every student (On-Campus, Blended and Full Time Online) will be required to complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of Service to Society for each year of attendance at Orange Lutheran Online.

  2. Service to Society forms must be completed, signed by a site supervisor, and returned to the Service to Society Coordinator within a month of completing the listed service to ensure timely and accurate documentation. 

  3. Students and their families are encouraged to keep copies of all service records at home for future reference.

  4. Students may begin working on their upcoming school year’s Service to Society hours on the first Sunday following Orange Lutheran’s Commencement Service from the previous year.

  5. Students will have until May 30 to return their completed Service to Society Form for the current school year to the Service to Society Coordinator.

  6. Failure to complete the required twenty (20) Service to Society hours will result in an incomplete grade. A student receiving an incomplete will have three weeks to complete their service hours. If a student fails to complete his/her hours during the three-week incomplete grace period, he/she will receive an incomplete mark on his/her transcript for that academic year. Completion of Service to Society hours during this three-week grace period will result in a change from an incomplete to a complete mark on his/her transcript.

  7. It is Orange Lutheran’s prayer that students view the annual twenty (20) required Service to Society hours as a minimum benchmark of service. Students completing more than the required Service to Society hours are encouraged to record these hours on the Service to Society Form. Our expectation will be listed along with the actual number of service hours completed by the student for each year.

  8. Orange Lutheran recognizes and honors students who have done exemplary service to their community both in the amount of time given and in the character of that service. This recognition usually takes place at the Awards Night ceremony.

  9. If you live in the Orange County, California area, five (5) of the twenty (20) hours will involve participation in one Lutheran High School Service Day event each year.

    1. Freshmen and Sophomores participate in the 1st Semester Service Day.
    2. Juniors and Seniors participate in the 2nd Semester Service Day, known as “Day of Dreams.”
    3. Students will be responsible for making the appropriate arrangements to complete their remaining fifteen (15) hours of Service to Society.

Service Hours

To check your service hours or add service hours, follow the steps below:

     1) Log into Powerschool.

     2) Click the arrow on the upper right hand corner of your Powerschool homepage.

     3) Click the link for x2VOL

     4) Complete the registration process if you have not done so. Click Submit.

     5) To add your service hours, Click on the "Add Hours" button. Then "Create New."

     6) To view your service hours, Click on the "Service History" button.
For more instructions on how to complete your registration and add hours please click HERE.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact


Ms. Lisa Beukers is the Service to Society Coordinator. Ms. Beukers can be found in the Admissions Office or you can reach her at or at 714-998-5151 x600.

Technical Requirements

Minimum Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows* or Apple OS X Operating System**
  • 1.2 GHz or greater Intel Pentium, Celeron, or AMD Processors
  • Microsoft Office 2007, or more current version (Includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
  • Most updated version of Firefox, Flash and Java
  • 20GB hard drive or larger
  • E-mail address
  • Internet service provider (ISP) account
  • Headset and microphone for foreign language courses
*VIDEO GAME DESIGN requires a Windows Computer

**Mac Users: You must have Microsoft Office program downloaded on your computer. Mac equivalents such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, etc. will not work in our online classroom platform.

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Who We Are

Founded in 1973, Orange Lutheran High School is a comprehensive private Christian co-educational college preparatory high school, grades 9-12, that exists to help students internalize the gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus. The culture and climate of Orange Lutheran are based on caring relationships that strengthen our community as a Lancer Family. High standards of excellence coupled with a warm, energetic atmosphere create a safe, nurturing environment where students can thrive, as they discover and develop their unique gifts, talents, and passions.