Orange Lutheran Online (OLO)

Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) has been a leader in Christian online education for over a decade and offers a selection of courses in all departments to allow students to broaden their academic experience and customize their learning schedules. We currently offer 51 courses, with core courses that are NCAA and UC approved and numerous elective and dual credit options. Our courses are designed to meet iNACOL standards for quality online courses and are taught by our own highly trained teachers.  Online Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available, and we continue to add AP and Honors level courses through our online portal each year.  

Students can take all their classes online or choose a “blended” schedule with a maximum of four on-campus courses and a minimum of three classes online at a lower tuition rate. OLO’s format makes an Orange Lutheran High School diploma attainable to full-time online students from anywhere in the world. Since most OLO classes are accelerated eight-week semesters, full-time online students enroll in three or four courses at a time, completing seven to eight courses within a school year.
Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) offers classes approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and University of California (UC) system.
OLO offers several options of introduction to online classes for students' school schedules. Students can take all of their courses online or select a “blended” schedule consisting of four campus classes and three online courses. Campus students can take a single online course to free up their campus schedule for extracurricular activities. Orange Lutheran Online mirrors the high quality academic structure and teaching methods of traditional classroom learning, with a convenient and flexible format.

OLO Session Dates 2019-20

Summer 1, 2019
June 10-August 4

Summer 2, 2019 (non-OLu students only)
July 1-August 25

Fall 1, 2019
August 19-October 13

Fall 2, 2019
October 21-December 15

Spring 1, 2020
January 13-March 8

Spring 2, 2020
March 16-May 17

Online Dual Credit Options 2019-20

Online dual credit classes offer our students an opportunity to demonstrate the pursuit of a passion outside the confines of the master bell schedule. Electives are the main focus of these selections. 3 or 4 college credits can be earned over a 15 week semester (CUW) or 7 week semester (GCU), as well as a year of high school elective credit. The college credit is directly applicable to Concordia and Grand Canyon, and may be transferrable to other colleges.

Please see your OLO advisor for details.

Algebra Bridge

Algebra Bridge Online is a three-week course (15 days) covering second-semester Algebra 1. The course is taken as a refresher or review of an Algebra 1 course previously completed. Algebra Bridge is specifically designed to review the major concepts of Algebra, especially in the second semester.
Students receive no credit for this course, but based on their grade are able to enroll in Geometry or Honors Geometry on ground. Students must pass the course with a 70% to enroll in Geometry or they must pass the course with an 85% to enroll in Honors Geometry.
The course is mastery-based, meaning that each concept must be mastered before moving on to the next concept. Students can expect to spend approximately four hours per day reviewing and practicing concepts, checking their understanding, and taking checkpoints and exams. Each checkpoint and exam can be taken unlimited times, but students must score an 80% or higher to move on to the next concept.

Other Facts About Algebra Bridge
  • It will be run as an independent study, self-paced class monitored by an online math teacher.
  • Rolling start date in the summer; must be completed between 3-6 weeks
  • $475 tuition
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Founded in 1973, Orange Lutheran High School is a comprehensive private Christian co-educational college preparatory high school, grades 9-12, that exists to help students internalize the gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus. The culture and climate of Orange Lutheran are based on caring relationships that strengthen our community as a Lancer Family. High standards of excellence coupled with a warm, energetic atmosphere create a safe, nurturing environment where students can thrive, as they discover and develop their unique gifts, talents, and passions.